Thursday, March 9, 2006

Since I started Linux, I've wanted to try as many distros as I can. That is one of the freedoms that Linux users really enjoy. Freedom of choice. Now there's this analogy people like to use, saying distros are like ice cream flavors. Each one different and unique in their own way yet all are equally yummy to try. And I want to try a lot of different flavors, so that ice cream analogy really applies to me.

And since there are 400 "flavors", I usually limit myself to the top 20 and a few other specialty distributions. That's because I enjoy the support and help I get from the large communities that usually come with the more popular distros. For an idea of how popular specific distros are, check out Distrowatch.com's counter.

I'm currently downloading Kanotix a live cd just as famous as Knoppix when it comes to hardware compatibility. Its still Debian so it won't be that alien to me. If I like it that much, I might even install it. Wish me luck :-]


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