Ubuntu Ultimate

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I just recently found out that is such a thing as an ultimate Ubuntu. I think this will be the easiest thing for switchers as they don't need to get hassled with a learning curve for getting everything to just work. Granted I found many of the things I needed to work easily by participating in the Ubuntu community. My experience though is contrary to those I've given Ubuntu CD's to. They find the solutions I have to be puzzling. Ubuntu Ultimate is headed the way of the keeping it simple for new users. That is something I like.

Now, I know most of the people who are directly involved with Ubuntu's development will probably frown upon this, much like they did at Automatix. But for users who aren't necessarily as tech savvy or as patient as the regular 'Nix user, these solutions are a godsend. You can get info on Ultimate here: http://www.ubufied.com/2007/01/28/ubuntu-ultimate-edition/

Isn't it a nice coincidence that this free Ubuntu variant is similarly named as another $400 OS ?


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