Proudest Monkey ... Driving

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Earlier this afternoon, I had finally transferred MP3's I had ripped from my wife's Dave Matthew's Band CDs. I put several tracks on my phone so I could listen to them while I commute or drive to work. Most of the tracks I picked were from Crash.

I found myself driving to work some 20 minutes ago and this cold breeze was cutting through the thick humid air. It was so refreshing! Then Proudest Monkey started coming out of my player's earbuds. The melodic tune, the cool cool breeze... It was relaxing, to say the least. I was lulled back into reality when a car behind me honked rather rudely and swerved to my left and passed me. I didn't notice I was driving 40 km/h, way below the minimum 60 per hour in that part of Clark. Oh, well... DMB still rocks! :-) All the cars in the world could pass me by and I wouldn't mind at all.


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