Friday, April 6, 2007

In the past few months, my use of Ubuntu has been severely limited due to the fact that my darned board's chipset is not supported. In the interest of saving money, I invariably caused my self grief. I had upgraded last December, working on a tight budget and the motherboard I got was the cheap option that was available at the time.

See, the chipset is a new one that combines the functions of the northbridge and southbridge. So instead of 2 physical chipsets, the board only has one. I'm not really sure how that has affected the innards of the chip, but bottom line there are no drivers for Linux just yet. Which brings me to 2 major difficulties when using Ubuntu. I can't adjust the frequency for my aging CRT monitor, hence I get a skewered shaking image on my monitor. I can't connect to the Internet using the built-in LAN as well. Without access to the Net, everything from the repositories to my mail are virtually inaccessible.

So now I impatiently wait for Feisty's release, hoping it would have the necessary drivers (and other dependencies I'm unaware of) already built-in. Ubuntu has always served me well. I'm anxious to use it again for most of my computing.


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