AvantGo on My Treo650

Friday, June 29, 2007

I've started using AvantGo
to download webpages ("news channels" in AvantGo lingo) to my Treo.
Its a great convenience to be able to sync your Treo of your PC and
read the pages without having to be tethered to the internet. Useful
when travelling in areas without a decent wireless signal. Or when
you're just trying to save on data charges -- like me! I hate Smart's
metered GPRS (http://www.smart.com.ph/SMART/Value+Added+Services/Data/AV_Text_Gprs.htm).
The only downside was the darn app ate up a huge chunk of my phone's
internal memory. I might just have to find something lighter.
Suggestions, anyone?


Bee said...

Avantgo is a cool software for Palm, but you have to upgrade your external memory. SD Cards are cheap nowadays...

Ed said...

I've tried installing AvantGo on my SD card but it didn't want to sync news properly. After a Zero-Out reset, I just picked a few apps to install on the phone memory and the rest on the card. AvantGo and Accounts Manager were the only two that didn't want to work on the SD. Everything else ran fine. SD cards are a godsend :-) I have all the apps I need and then more space for vids and MP3s.

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