decTOP (formerly AMD PIC)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just when I thought I knew about every product that would be an alternative to the big honking desktop I have at home, I come across another product that just amazed me.

The decTOP used to be a project of AMD (known as the AMD PIC) until rights to it were bought by Data Evolution. Now it's selling for $99. This low-power PC device would be perfect for the casual internet-going home user. It may look dismal if you look at the specs. But I think for a home PC you plan to run 24/7, with a few hours of daily internet use, this would be ideal.

It doesn't come with an operating system, so be forewarned. The installation process is quite tedious, as explained in this Ubuntu Howto and in this Xubuntu Howto. There's another Ubuntu guide here, lest I forget. It is still doable, and that is the great news. One of the guides link to this game site, and it's being hosted on a decTOP. See for yourself.

Good news is they ship to the Philippines. They are very vague about shipping charges,though. I was unable to find any info, even after I registered as a buyer. As far as I can tell, shipping charges won't appear until the very last moment of the checkout. I think I've found the solution for me. I'm really considering buying this machine in the near future.


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