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Sunday, March 30, 2008

There are a lot of guides out there. I am publishing this so I can point friends to some site on the web they can check to follow the steps.

First step is to sign up for a Twitter account. There's a good guide over at this blog : The Cyberprince Chronicles. It contains screenshots to boot. The thing you really need to set-up is the device updates. You only need to send an SMS to the UK number once. It will send you SMS updates free-ever-after if your Twitter preferences are set right.

Now the boon of Twitter wouldn't be the same without the ability to send updates from your mobile phone. But how to do that without breaking the bank? Sending SMS to the UK number will set you back 10-15 pesos per, depending on your cell subscription. You can send updates through to a local number accessible through the Globe or Sun networks. You can find instructions on how to use that gateway here: Pinoy Twittters.

Well what about Smart users, you say? Fear not, your kababayans have you covered. Go over to The Pinoy Twitters SMS Portal, register to participate in the forums and follow the instructions on how you can send to a local number that posts to Twitter. It only costs a peso, but if your a heavy-duty Twitter I'd suggest using something like the ALLTxtPlus for trigger-happy texting. I personally use phTwitters sparingly so it doesn't get overloaded. It's something that the maintainers are spending money on and are providing for free to the Twittering public. One way to run it to the ground would be to Twitter every 3 minutes about how boring your commute is. Never do that.

Once you're done, follow me :-) My page is at Happy Twittering :-D


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