AMD's 'Bobcat' Platform

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

With Intel positioning its Atom and Via competing with it with the Nano, the public is wondering what AMD is planning for serving the UMPC and low-power segments. I only recently learned of 'Bobcat', AMD's platform designed from the ground up for ultra-mobile PCs, devices and consumer electronics. Basically, its a re-designed x86 processor optimized for low-power devices with a TDP of 1 to 10 watts. It's being developed in parallel with Bulldozer, a seperate processor platform aimed at low-power desktops. In contrast, Bulldozer will have a TDP of 10 to 100 watts and a CPU-integrated GPU core that's squeezed right into the processor piece. Both are projected to launch in 2009, but by the way things are going, AMD should launch them earlier if they want to catch up.

Register Hardware ran a story on this last year. A more exhaustive article on Anandtech discusses the platform as a whole, with information interspersed with details from interviews they conducted. Another article from Tech Report discussed the technical merits of the platform when it was first revealed.


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