Climate Change -Ways Geeks Can Help

Friday, October 16, 2009

  • Reuse old computers, don't throw them away. Linux can bring that old machine back to life.
  • Use electronic devices for the longest possible time. Buying the latest and greatest cellphone every year isn't helping the environment Disposed cellphones will just add to landfills near you and pollute the ground with toxins. Make them last.
  • Pick your electronics wisely, use gadgets, gear and computer parts that have low power consumption. Low power consumption means less heat. And less heat means less cooling. You save twice on electricity consumed if it's low-power and takes less energy to cool.
  • Turn off that computer! It's no longer practical to keep a computer running 24-7 just to keep the components hot and save them from damage.
  • Go CFL! Compact Flourescent Lighting. One of the biggest energy savings we've made at home was because we've switched all our lights to CFL Using a 5-9 watt CFL is just as bright as a 20-40 watt ordinary bulb. It may not look like much but multiply that 10 -30 watt different by the number of lights in you house and the number of hours you usually have them on. Do the math, you can save a bunch.

These are just a few ideas, I hope I get you thinking about what you can do on your own to do your part to conserve resources. And it's late, need to turn this off now.


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