Treo 650: Error 720B, Error 0x121A

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Palm Treo 650 - Smartphone - GSMI got these errors out of nowhere. When I tried to launch the web browser, it just stalls and shows Error 720B. When I tried opening my network settings I got Error 0x121A. So here's how I resolved it.

I tried searching for  Error 720B, but i couldn't find any references. I tried looking up Error 0x121A. I found this post in the Palm Forums:

If you're a Treo 650 user, you probably know that if you insert a SIM in unlocked Treo, it will get the GPRS settings automatically from the network and just work. Well, as far as I can tell you get this error when that doesn't happen. But mine worked perfectly for almost a year since my last Zero Out reset. So it seems my phone sort of forgot what the network settings were. Bear in mind that when I say network, I only mean the GPRS (internet  and data) network settings, and not the phone network settings. The phone functions, calling and text messaging, were not affected. Well, except for MMS, since that is dependent on the phone's data connection.

Palm 3184WW Battery for Palm Treos 650, 700w, 700p, and 700wxAnyway, not wanting to do a hard reset which requires restoring all my apps afterwards, I tried a soft reset first. On Treo's that is done by taking the battery out for 10 seconds. I booted the phone up and it spent a little longer that usual to get a signal from Smart. After that I check on network settings and there were new entries for Smart GPRS, Smart Internet and Smart MMS. The damaged profiles where still there so I had to deleted them to clean it up. After that I tested it by sending an MMS to my wife and it started working again. 

Posting this because this information might come in handy for all you Treo 650 users, who like me still hold on to their tried and tested companion :-)


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