The Latest & Cheapest - AMD Llano Build With $ to Spare

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've always been an advocate of the new technologies, but I've always had to spend within reason. The latest and greatest isn't practical. When you've got responsibilities, there are some things that need more priority when it comes to money. Anyway, I don't feel too left out. I do what I got to do and still have the latest technology. If I choose my parts right, I can definitely have a computer that's not a sluggard even after 2 years of use.

So here's my choice for my Latest & Cheapest build:

AMD Llano A4 3400, 2.7 GHz- the latest iteration of AMD techniologies focuses on creating a product with a lot of value. AMD's Llano is it's APU, an Advanced Processing Unit, it's nickname for a CPU+GPU combo on the same physical package. The A4 may be the cheapest of it's siblings, but it isn't the slowest processor out there. It's got 2 cores pumping out 1.9 GHz all while sipping power with it's TDP of 35 Watts. Price: PhP 3,290 (Cash Promo) at PC Hub.

Emaxx A75GM iCafe- Emaxx has been producing low-priced motherboards for around 5 or 6 years now. Teir iCafe series has always been the cheapest of the lot, focusing on just the basics and a price that makes it irrestible to small business owners (re: internet cafe owners) Price: PhP 3,110 (Cash Promo) at PC Hub.

Inwin EC036 ATX w/ 350W PSU- Low-priced ATX case bundled with a 350W PSU that should be plenty if you choose the right parts. It looks good too. 'Nuff said. Price: PhP 1,590 (Cash Promo) at PC Hub.

G.Skill Value Ram 4GB DDR3 1333- I know a bargain when I see one. GSkill has always enjoyed a good rep with geeks for its performance. It don't matter that this is the Value RAM. GSkill is still GSkill. Price: PhP 1,150 (cash Promo) at PC Hub.

1TB Seagate 7200.12 (32mb cache) SATA HDD- I keep harping on how good Seagate is. Well, I'll harp on it some more. They are reliable. And one more thing, 1TB should be more than enough room to store that ",movie collection" of yours ;-) Price: PhP 2,790 (Cash Promo) at PC Hub.

LiteOn iHAS524- Another brand that I've trusted and relied on for many years, these guys have been OEMing for Dell and Sony for the longest time. It's time they get some press, even if it's from a small-traffic blogger like me :) Price: PhP 830 at Enigma.

The final price? PhP 12,760 or around US$ 295. It's cheap and the tech is new. I couldn't ask for more for the money.


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