Dapper Flight 4

Friday, February 24, 2006

I finally finished downloading the Dapper Flight 4 installer ISO a couple of days ago and installed it right away.

I had initial trouble though because the install wouldn't finish at the GRUB install. I tried to force the issue and the installer froze on me. I tried installing again only to figure out why it failed the first time! GRUB was trying to install itself on HD0! I did not have HD0 since I was using a single (non-RAID) SATA disk. As soon as I noticed that, I tried the option to choose where to install GRUB. The install continued without any further problems.

The first boot was amazingly fast. I decided to go and update everything I could. Then I retired for the evening. I resumed the next day after I got home from work. I couldn't find the app I wanted to download on the default repositories, I went to Debian to try and find them. I downloaded a few manually and installed them. I also installed Java with the help of this HowTo from the Ubuntu Forums. Here's a screenshot of Axel running in a transparent terminal window:

All of my fave apps are running well so far. I did notice that when switching desktops, I experience a split-second of lag. Its like it hesitates a bit when loading the graphics on that switched-to desktop. No complaints here though. For software that's not yet in beta, this really whets my appetite for Dapper's release in April.


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