Gotta Luv Da Fox

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

After I installed Dapper Flight 6, I tried a few Firefox browser addons. Before this, I was actually contemplating switching over to Opera. It was faster and lighter on RAM, but that was it. The choice of browser still relies heavily on the user experience. It almost always comes down to that. That being said, I still prefer Firefox. Especially after I tried a few of the plugins, a couple of extensions and themes.

For the extensions I downloaded FasterFox and FlashGot. FasterFox tweaks your default settings and basically makes the Fox faster, sans the cheezy icon. FlashGot is basically a bridge between your choice of download accelerator and Firefox. It worked pretty well with GWGET and will work with cURL, Downloader 4 X and KDE KGet, though I didn't not try them all just yet. I will eventually. Dave actually favors Downloader 4 X. Linux is all about choices :-)

I also added themes onto Firefox and was happy that they worked on Ubuntu (of course!). These are some of my favorites: iFox, Metal Lion, iPox, Breeze, and ColorGnome. Gnome addicts will love the Gnome-fx series most of all.

I'll be sticking to Firefox for a while for all of these little addons. And mostly because I was a fan of its grandaddy Netscape. Or is it father??? Oh well, maybe one of these days I'll try the Firefox descendant called Flock. Ah, the beauty of Open Source!


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