Hot, Hot, Hot!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Boy, is it hot! Im having a hard time trying to sleep during the afternoons. Even my PC is complaining. Recently my processor's temp has been averaging 58ºC. I've even had to shut my PC down in the middle of stuff because the power supply temp would shoot over 70ºC. But hey, who am I to complain? I've got a stock CPU cooler and the el cheapo PSU came with the case. It was the cheapest option I had.

And about that upgrade, I've decided to hold off until next year. I thought it prudent to just plan for minor upgrades on this machine, like the long-delayed most postponed upgrade I've been meaning to have -- a better CPU cooler. Maybe throw in a new power supply with dual-fans for better cooling. 512MB of RAM would help too. Ultimate upgrade before the end of the year? A 17-inch LCD monitor! Heck, I'll splurge on a 19-inch one if the prices come down low enough!

But before I get carried away, though... I need to turn off my PC. You know.


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