Sunday, May 7, 2006

Read Diane's post that someone was sending here these "Powered by Ubuntu" laptop stickers. Couldn't resist. Had to ask her for one! I do realize that getting a request like that from a random stranger may freak out some people. But in blogosphere, strangers are your comrades. They read your rants and give you hope. They relate to your feelings or relent at your words. They sometimes rant back and occassionaly you get a few painfully-worded criticisms. It's all part of what we deal with as bloggers. As I always say, blogging is my therapy. So if I get grief over what I write, well I just have to take it.

Veering off course again. Going back to the original topic, I hope she does give me one. :-)


Anonymous said...

You are not alone, i also ask her for one kahit wala pa akong laptop! Hehehe

Cross your fingers!

Aleksandersen said...

Those Ubuntu stickers can be ordered for free as well.

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