Dapper Beta

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm almost done downloading Dapper's new beta. It's taking me while. Since the summer started, I've been getting less than satifactory connections from Smart Wifi (yea! its their fault again!). Either no connection for the whole day, or a very slow one for most of the day. Today was better, so the download is almost as good as roasted. I can smell the azo already. I can't wait to try out Espresso. Interesting the note the differences between each of the installs from Flight 3 through Beta. Of course, that would be something that would only interest a die-hard Ubuntista. Viva Ubuntu! Hasta La Victoria, Para Siempre! LOL..

I really do go through the process of downloading the ISOs an installing over and over again. This is so I could gain the experience and share it with other people. This learning experience actually helps me give better advice to people I'm convincing to use Ubuntu. Its quite tedious, but it gives me a satisfied feeling whenever I start saying "From my experience.." and then blurt out the rest of the story to friends. :-]


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