Sunday, September 10, 2006

I took a little time off blogging because I just couldn't handle my sched. For several weeks, I would go to our little renovation project we had going over at the new house we were moving into. And then at the same time, I was working on getting promoted. Well, mission accomplished! It's been well over 2 weeks since I got promoted and almost 2 weeks since we moved in. All I need now is an internet connection at home. Sadly, none is available at this time. I gave up on SMART Wifi. It felt good to cancel the darned thing. I just got fed up. I'm waiting for the cable company to roll in those new lines into our subdivision. There are about 300 or so homes already built in our subdivision but barely 50 are occupied. Not everyone is as anxious to move in yet. So, we'll have to wait for cable and phone lines to come into our area. They're probably just waiting for enough customers to connect to justify the cost of rolling out lines. Well, from here on in I'll have to play the waiting game. Hmmm...reminds me. I need to buy a thumb drive for all those packages I need to download! I better bug the missus for a little spending money.


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