Saturday, October 28, 2006

I'm back...

At last!!! I have a connection at home again! I have cable internet now. Eventhough the speed isn't as consistent, I'm quite happy. I have a subscription for 384 kbps. I haven't been able to max it out. I hover more around 280, but that's okay, since I happen to think this is inherently more secure than Smart Wifi (now called Smart Bro).

Used to use Shields Up to scan my Smart connection. It would always fail on several ports and that alarmed me. I also used Shields Up on my mother-in-law's Smart connection and the same ports were failing the port scanning test. Thing is she has a software firewall and a hardware firewall through her broadband router. My current connection passed the Shields Up test (see screenshot below), so I think I'm better off now.

Off the bat, torrenting worked quite well. No problems with NAT traversal and all that stuff. I'm currently seeding only one ISO image (FreeBSD's 6.1 DVD compilation - listed here: since I need to bandwidth more for downloading other stuff. FDM 2.1 (Free Download Manager) works pretty well with this connection as well. No problems whatsoever. FDM's able to max out the connection to 45KB/s speed at certain times of the day.

Next up in my list of To Do's... Update all of my installers to newer version and back-up all my data. I really need to scratch my VMWare itch. If all goes well, by next weekend I'll be installing Ubuntu and using VMWare Server to test out Windoze and Bayanihan Linux (currently in Beta2). There are a lot of Beta software that I'm testing under XP. It's fun to watch them break the system under a controlled environment.


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