Xfce Did The Trick

Monday, August 6, 2007

I download Xfce and I now have a working desktop again. No more disappearing title bars in the apps I open. I downloaded Conky, its working well now. The .conkyrc file from Ubuntugeek.com worked just fine. Seems like all that was wrong was updating everything after a clean install prevented the Gnome WM from running 100%. I didn't muck around the configuration anymore, as I just wanted to get a working desktop that I could use Ubuntu in, and as fast as possible. The Xubuntu-related files downloaded and installed in less than half an hour.

I downloaded my usual stuff -- Firestarter, Xmms, VLC, Aria2, Firefox themes and extensions. I tested each before I started doing what I was supposed to be doing a week ago -- backing up our precious pictures over on MediaMax.com. I used to use Xdrive, but free accounts were limited to 5GB and the uploads were faster at MediaMax. Plus Xdrive didn't want to play nice with Ubuntu :-( I'm sticking with MediaMax.

I've a few more gigs to upload ;-) Bye for now.


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