My Nov '07 Build

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

As a memo to myself, and since I'm checking all the time anyway, I might as well publish the configurations I suggest to friends and co-workers when they ask me what parts to buy. This will also give me an excuse to send them over to my blog instead of creating a fresh file for every curios asker - hehehe.

The prices are based off the Enigma Tech (a local shop here in Angeles City, Pampanga) pricelist, unless specified. I would only resort to special ordering if I find adding a few hundred pesos would increase the quality of the parts I put in there substantially. The first option presented is all Enigma. The second option considers special ordering a better board from Manila.

If you are based in Manila, good sites to scout for prices would be Rising Sun, PC Gilmore and the TipidPC forums. All prices are in Philippine pesos. Another thing before I finish. If you are wondering why I would want to spend 700 extra for another board from a little known brand, then go over to this review at to whet your tech appetite.


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