Updating My Rig

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm selling my motherboard and CPU so I could buy a newer pair that isn't as much of a power hog. The Athlon LE 1600 isn't a dual-core processor, but its cheap enough. I've been burned by last year's upgrade, choosing to buy RAM when it was still so expensive. Now I'm a bit more grounded and I will make choices based on price point rather than performance, simply because I don't need the performance boost offered by dual-core processors. Why upgrade, then? The newer Athlons and Semprons have a 45-watt TDP. That's a huge drop from my current processor's 62-watt consumption. That's potentially a 20-watt difference when the procesor is working under full load. That's reason enough for me to buy a new processor. Anybody else with me on this?


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