More on the HP 2133

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Found 2 other articles on PCWorld about the HP 2133 Mini-Note.

Sumner Lemon spoke with Philip Devlin of HP about rife speculation that a future version of the HP 2133 would be fitted with the Via Isaiah processor. That would be relatively easy since the Via Isaiah is compatible with existing boards that support the C7-M.

Another article by Glenn Fleishman reviews the cost-vs-specs aspect of the unit. He compares it to other laptops straddling the UMPC demarcation line, pointing out that these are relatively under-powered when compared to ordinary laptops. But he conceeds that as trends go these days, buyers are willing to trade off processing heft for added portability.

Fleishman also links to a video review by Darren Gladstone that compares the HP 2133 head-to-head with the Asus Eee PC. Darren loves the keyboard, but hates how slow it is at running Vista Business. Well, good thing Suse Enterprise Desktop 10 is offered as an option to Vista Business ^_^ SLED 10 would run a lot better on the HP 2133. A whole lot better.


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