Ubuntu 8.04 Release Candidate is Out

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I've eagerly anticipating the release of Hardy Heron, counting down the days these past two weeks. I've accumulated so much gunk in my hard-drive that I've needed to reinstall for some time now. I keep putting it off because I want to reinstall with Hardy Heron's final release on the 24th. I'm fighting off the temptation to go on and download the RC. I know it's just a simple "sudo apt-get-update" to get the final release in 5 days, but I prefer installing from the final release. I still can get over a bad install a few years back. I did an upgrade after installing the RC a few days before the release. I somehow broke the system during the upgrade. Besides, I want to see what's new in the install for myself. I've turned into someone who does enjoy the install process :-)


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