Best Cans for Your Portable Audio

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Every music and podcast lover wants to take their music with them. Be it a boring commute to work, or the  dreary atmosphere at the office, having your own audio to make the day bearable always helps gets you through. Here are in my opinion the best cans out there:

Heil Sound Pro Set 3 - with  high quality 40 mm Rare Earth Neodymium magnets and voice coils, a frequency response of 10 Hz - 22 kHz and the solid engineering of Bob Heil behind it all, what's not to love about it?  Well, maybe the price. But then again, these cans are worthy of any studio and are frequently used by recording artists, pro podcasters and musicians. If you want to show everyone you've evolved into the  pro, get these headsets. Available at Amazon and Heil Sound. Price: US$110.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50WH Professional Studio Monitor - Nothing says cool like a white set of Audio Technica cans. And nothing is cooler than a bargain! You know me, I love bargains. This pair used to cost US$209. It's available now at Amazon for almost $90 dollars less! And these don't scrimp in quality either. With 45 mm large-aperture drivers with neodymium magnets, a closed-back cushioned ear cup design and an adjustable padded headband, you'll wear these all day long and enjoy that progressive rock playlist you've been keeping secret from friends. It even has a coiled cable and a collapsible design for easy portability and convenient storage. I would prefer these over any $200, celebrity-endorsed, big-letter-B-branded pair any day! Available at Amazon and Audio Technica. Price: US$121.

505527_FREE SHIPPING On ANY Product! Shop Klipsch Today for Gifts Klipsch Image ONE Premium - Time for another bargain! Klipsch, another one of those less popular but reliable brands came out with this a few years back, but now is the time to snap a pair. This used to cost US$ 150. It can now be had for almost half that. With a 16 Hz - 23 kHz frequency response, 40mm dynamic moving coil speakers, professional grade memory foam ear-cups, these cans won't shortchange you even one bit for its current price. And it's perfect for your iPhone, with its iPhone-friendly mic & 3-button remote. For smartphones, this one is a nice compromise between portability and quality.  Available at Amazon and Klipsch. Price: US$85 (for a limited time, Klipsch is offering Free Shipping ON ALL Orders At! Click Here!).


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