The MSI MK9132 Keyboard-Mouse Duo

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When I did my most recent build last year, I just so happened to purchase an MSI A75MA-P35 motherboard and installed it on an MSI Eagle slim-ATX case. A few days ago I bought an MSI keyboard+mouse combo I've been eyeing at CD-R King for months. I didn't really know if this was an actual product from Microstar, but heck the price won me over.

For the low-low price (which is what CD-R King is best known for) of 320 pesos, I got this set:

The keyboard is actually quite good. The keycaps are made of ABS plastic. It's supposedly spill-resistant. A quick inspection of the bottom confirms the presence of drain holes. Well, sorry but I won't be testing that for you though. It's also supposed to have laser-etched markings so the letters printed on it should last at least a few years. What surprised me was how quiet this thing is when you're typing. It is quite silent compared to my trusty old A4Tech KLS-5UP mini-keyboard.

The mouse on the other hand felt quite flimsy in comparison. The material for the right and left buttons felt so plasticky I was afraid I'd chip it if I pressed too hard. The wheel was noisy compared with how quiet the keyboard was...LOL. The sensor was spot-on though. No complaints there. I mean, this ain't gaming quality, but for simple everyday browsing, it works fine. I did put it back in the box though. I still preferred my A4Tech V-Track N-400.

I now have a complete system though. I won't be buying an MSI monitor any time soon, so scratch that. But I think having a set like I have now is quite satisfactory.


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