Friday, September 21, 2007

The spirit of volunteerism has always amazed me. People find varied ways to contribute to the intellectual growth of others or of their communities. Prime examples would be Project Gutenberg and many Open Source projects. While browsing around the audiobooks in, I downloaded a few and found Librivox. This is a boon for anyone into audiobooks. I'm not going to go into the value of audiobooks. Anyone who has tried them will give you different reasons why its useful to them or why they find it bad for lit in general.

As for me, I downloaded a few books. One of which I plan to let my son hear. I got the audio version of Poems Every Child Should Know from Kara Shallenberg's site. Maybe listening to them will have a positive effect on my son. Poetry is a beautiful thing to have in one's mind. It brings the mind and the heart together in a harmony that speaks to the soul.

Anyway, try it out. And while you're at it, subscribe to the Librivox podcasts. Oh, and you might as well use Gpodder or Jpodder to subscribe. Keep everything Open Source and support the them to encourage participation in these projects that benefit the public.


Kara said...

I hope your son enjoys the poems, and perhaps some of my other recordings! He might like the Just-So Stories, or More William. More William cracks my 12-year-old up.

Happy listening!

Ed said...

Thank you, Kara. I will downlaod those. I've already saved your site on my bookmarks as I intend to explore more of your work.

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