Geubuntu 7.10

Friday, January 25, 2008

After trying it out as a live CD, I've finally decided to install Geubuntu. Geubuntu is yet another apple off the Ubuntu tree. It uses Ubuntu 7.10 as its base and the only basic difference would be that its uses Enlightenment as its desktop environment. The packages included by default are still mostly off the Gnome project, so if your coming from Ubuntu you won't feel like a stranger.

This particular distro has not escaped criticism, many citing that it's duplicating efforts by another distro called Elbuntu. But as I always say, Linux is about choice. People rolling their own distro don't start out to undermine any other distro out there. They want is rolled their way to suit their needs. They open it up and share it to the public so they could get feedback and improve what they did. It's all about choice, and they do it simply because they can, not because they want to show off.

I'm actually typing this up while the installer is doing its thing. For the most part, everything was detected correctly. What's surprising is that this is the first live CD I've tried that detected my monitor's native resolution correctly (1280x1024) and used that by default. I've had onboard video for some time now, so that has always been a sticking point in other distros I've tried. Onboard video has always been a problem on my setups and most live CDs would default to a safe 1024x768 resolution. I've had a few that would only go to something lower until I install the proprietary nVidia drivers.

Anyway, I'll write up something more detailed when the install finishes. See ya.


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