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Friday, January 4, 2008

I was actually surprised when I saw an Asus Eee PC unit on display at this computer store in SM Clark. Having seen the actual unit's size in the Asianic display window made me cringe a bit. Saying it is small is an understatement. It is tiny. Viewing review videos do send a common message. It is a capable laptop and users get used to the size of the keyboard in about a week or so. And since I don't own one or know anyone who has one, I can't really do a review or get some hands-on time with the unit itself. I just console myself of the fact that there are experts out there who are considerate and post videos of the actual units being put through the motions of daily use. Here are several of them.

NotebookReview did a video review to go along with their article a few days before the prod:

Wil Harris also posted a video review as the Eee launched in the UK:

Patrick Norton reviewed an early unit in this episode of Tekzilla :

I also found a different sort of review from JKKMobile a European gadget blog. He tested it with windows XP and posted a review of how it performed using XP:

Probably one of the more influential reviews (at least for me) was the one that was posted on Linux Journal:

The Asus Eee PC is one device that I wouldn't necessarily buy, but if it were given as a gift I would gladly take it. The break or make for me is the size of both the unit itself and the storage. Although both could be remedied by simply attaching peripherals to the USB ports on the thing, going through the hassle makes me a reluctant would-be buyer. If I were given a unit though, I could definitely make the most out of it. Especially with Linux pre-installed. The custom Linux install means a no-hassle experience when it comes to device drivers. I'm also optimistic at the rate of hacking going on to customize existing distributions to make them fully functional with all the settings and features of the machine. This level of customization was unheard of before, even with the IBM Thinkpads.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching all the videos.


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