Jungle Disk Beta 3 Announced

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jungle Disk announced (rather quickly) it's 3rd beta release for Jungle Disk 2.0. (version 1.99c). This newest iteration already includes command-line capability that was for pushed back during the release of 1.99b. since it is still in beta, users are advised to still configure settings through Jungle Disk's GUI (Graphic User Interface).

Jungle Disk 2.0 will feature the following improvements over its predecessor:
  • Native support for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Extensive caching system for files and directories
  • Background upload, delete, copy, and move support
  • Desktop application for upload and download progress
  • Complete encryption for all data
  • Automatic restart of background operations in case of shutdown or crash
  • Support for automatic backup on a timed or manual basis
  • Automatic archival of old versions and deleted files
  • Support for multiple types of Amazon S3 buckets
You can download Jungle Disk Beta 3 here. The announcement can be read here.


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