Via Lines Up Its Nano (Isaiah) Processors

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Via made the headlines as it announced its line up of Nano processors. These were codenamed 'Isaiah' during its development. The web is awash with news from different sources, all chiming in their perspective of the future of the Nano processor. Infoworld, PC Pro, PC Perspective, PC Magazine, IT Pro and Trusted Reviews and all did stories on it.

The Nano line will include two sets, the L-series on the high-power end and the U-series for low-power segment. The L-series will still have a lower power consumption than mainstream Intel and AMD chips, churning at 25 watts. The following variants are planned for the Nano:
  • L2100 (Clock Speed: 1.8 GHz, TDP: 25 watts)
  • L2200 (Clock Speed: 1.6 GHz, TDP: 17 watts)
  • U2400 (Clock Speed: 1.3-plus" GHz, TDP: 8 watts)
  • U2500 (Clock Speed: 1.2 GHz, TDP: 6.8 watts)
  • U2300 (Clock Speed: 1.0 GHz, TDP: 5 watts)
As previously mentioned, Via is eyeing to market the chips to the UMPC and notebook crowd. Recent pronouncements that NVidia is working with Via for a chipset solution that will work natively with Via's Nano strengthens Via's claims that it will produce a platform that will be the cheapest Vista-capable solution in the market. A desktop version is not far off it seems. Via and NVidia are expected to announce the details of their venture by next week.


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