JungleDisk 2.0 Launched

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jungle Disk has announced the release of the final version of it's popular backup software. Jungle Disk 2.0 includes many performance enhancement that make backing up important data easier than ever.

Jungle Disk 2.0's new features include :
  • An Improved User Interface - with a better and easier setup wizard makes, a new backup preview dialog and a new backup selection dialog for easier to set up automatic backups.
  • Support for new Jungle Disk 2.0 buckets - allows users to instantly rename files and directories, encrypt file & directory names, change encryption key (bucket password) instantly and support for unlimited number of buckets.
  • Support for European S3 buckets.
  • Support for connecting to multiple buckets at the same time.
  • Support for multiple backup jobs with independent scheduling.
  • Expanded bandwidth limiting - flexible choices to control network drive and automatic backup traffic, set limits on both upload and download rates, on the fly changing of limits and setting schedules for limits.
  • New command line options that tightly integrate task schedulers and batch jobs.
  • Optimized performance improvements for larger directories and larger cache sizes.


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