Installing 'Missing' Windows Apps in Win 7

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You might be looking for some applications on Windows 7, some
applications that were installed by default on Vista. These applications
are not installed by default on Win7:

* Windows Mail
* Windows Calendar
* Windows Messenger
* Windows Movie Maker
* Windows Photo Gallery

Well if that is the case, you still want to use the same applications
you've become cozy to, there is a way to get them. All you have to do is
to launch Windows Live and it will install the programs for you. Here's

* Click the "Start button". Select "Programs". Select "Windows Live":
* Alternatively you can click on the "Start button" and just type
"Windows Live" on the Search box:
* Authorize the download:
* Once done, the installation starts and you'll be asked what
applications you want to install:
* After that, wait a few minutes. If you had chosen to install
everything it may take 10-20 minutes to install and download the
additional software:


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