Geek Window Shopping - CAT6 Cables, Anyone?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home Networking Do-It-Yourself For DummiesWhile doing some reading online for my post on rack servers (that I posted on my other blog here), I chanced upon a site that gave me even more ideas on things to blog about. That always happens when you're a heavy Googler like me. I found and browsed around a bit. As I went through what they had to offer, I was able to appreciate and realize the complexity of the logistics involved in getting servers up and running. Now, being a geek, I like poking around on these sites. While I am not buying, I do appreciate commercial sites that include helpful info in their sites. in particular features products that any geek DIY'ers would love to get a hold of. 

CABLES TO GO : RJ11/RJ45 CRIMPING TOOLICC's a California-based company that specializes mostly in telecommunications equipment. Owing to their size and the breadth of the kind of supplies they feature on their site, they pretty much offer everything a corporate-type networking guy would need or home network admin would want. Products like cabling for fiber optic systems and traditional copper cabling or cat6 cables and network cable management systems that make life easier. Here's another plus for this site -- it offers equipment that weekend geeks would love to install in their homes. If your building a new home or renovating, going with cat6 cables is the best way to go. Ready-to-connect network cable management systems are also less painful to just hook up than rolling your own cabling system. They've got tools, pre-terminated assemblies, cord and cables... I mean browsing through this site is like geek window shopping online. There are not that many sites that offer this many products in one single site. If your into networking or it's your job to be into networking, you shouldn't miss going to


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